Music for 2018

There is an exciting music selection for this year's Festival

 Introit: Mundy, O Lord the maker of all things

 Responses: Lee Dunleavy (specially composed for PDCF)

 Hymn:  Before the ending of the day,
 Te lucis ante terminum 

 Psalm:  Psalm 119 vv 89—104  Chant: Turle in A 

 Canticles:  Noble Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in B minor
 Anthem 1:  Charles Parry, Never weather beaten sail
 Hymn: We sing the praise of him who died, 
 Bow Brickall

 Anthem 2: Stanford, For lo, I raise up 
 Hymn: O Thou who camest from above,